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Orsted is the current Dragon God, a title given to the strongest member of the Dragon Tribe, and the sworn enemy of Hitogami. Initially an antagonist, nearly killing Rudeus twice due to his affiliation with Hitogami, he later becomes a major supporting character, after Hitogami's true nature is revealed. His storyline is one of the major plot threads left unresolved by the end of Mushoku Tensei, making it likely he will once again appear in the planned sequel series. Similar to other Dragon Race people such as Perugius, Orsted has silver hair and golden sanpaku eyes with an overpowering look. He carries no visible equipment and wears a white coat adorned with fur. Due to having curse of being hated and feared by all living things that see his face, Orsted has rather poor social skills and carries a somewhat distant attitude. When it comes to his objective, he is absolutely ruthless and would not hesitate from destroying anything on the way, no matter who or what. He would not hesitate to attack any apostles of Hitogami, usually without actually even taking the time to listen to them and has almost killed Rudeus twice because of this. However, he has an unexpectedly soft side to him, being patient and kind towards his comrades. Furthermore he has shown himself to be extremely kind towards children, especially Rudeus' children who are immune to his curse and thus don't fear or hate him. He is also very humble, preferring to refer to his followers as comrades rather than subordinates in spite of the vast power and standing differences. He tends to become more emotional on topics that involve the Dragon Race as he was quite angry at Rudeus when he mentioned the Dragon Race and spoke of Perugius. However, he does not get along with the other Dragon Race and seems to hate the Dragon Kings.

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