Meme Oshino Husbando

Meme Oshino
Original Name
忍野 メメ
Romaji Name
Oshino Meme
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Meme Oshino is a middle-aged man who works as a nomadic oddity specialist who collects information, reinforces balance, and helps resolve cases. Early in the series, he lives with Shinobu Oshino in Eikou Cram School. He helped Koyomi Araragi to return to normal after being bitten by a vampire, and becomes his informant when it comes to oddities for some time. For most of the series, he's missing after leaving town seemingly unannounced. Meme is a man with a lanky physique, short hair dyed blond and yellow eyes. He keeps his hair in an unruly fashion (although he sweeps it back when he performs Shinto ceremonies) and has a pair of sideburns and a goatee. His outfit consists of a pink aloha shirt left unbuttoned, a pair of dark-colored cargo shorts and black sandals that resemble the Japanese geta. Meme's notable accessories include an earring on his right ear and a necklace, both having an inverted cross on them. Meme's overall looks give off an eccentric feel to people he interacts with, and even Koyomi calls him a "psychedelic aloha guy" because of this. Meme is often seen with a cigarette in his mouth, although it is never lit. Meme's personality is quite laid-back and can be somewhat eccentric. Along with his unusual fashion sense, his current residence gives off the feeling that he is not a normal guy like most people. As someone who is involved with the paranormal, he prefers to keep himself from directly meddling with affairs involving oddities, though he has the strength to do so if need be. He generally prefers to help out, but only if the person themselves is willing to exert effort towards returning to normal. However, putting aside his financial priorities, he can be well-trusted in supernatural affairs, with his knowledge that is useful in handling cases related to oddities.

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