Ougi Oshino

Ougi Oshino
Original Name
忍野 扇
Romaji Name
Oshino Ōgi
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Popularity # 547
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Trash # 558

Ougi Oshino is a mysterious first year at Naoetsu Private High School. Ougi claims to be the niece of Meme Oshino despite him having no known family. While commonly referred to and viewed as a girl, Ougi first claims to be male in Suruga Devil, in which they state that they are a boy and always have been. Ougi is the titular protagonist of four main arcs: Ougi Formula, Ougi Dark, Ougi Light, and Ougi Fright, and of two minor arcs: Ougi Travel and Ougi Reflect. Ougi has short black hair, large black irises, and pale white skin. Their most common outfit is a female uniform with long sleeves that hide their hands constantly. Because their irises are drawn black, their pupils are never seen. Ougi can be seen wearing black gloves when their hands are showing. In Hanamonogatari, Ougi switches to a male school uniform. It's worth noting that while light novel artwork sometimes depicts Ougi in different clothing such as a black dress, they have only ever been seen wearing school uniforms in the anime adaptation. Ougi often comes off as very mysterious, typically looming in the background of most events and only appearing near the beginning, end, or climax of major story arcs. They're rarely ever not smiling and always talk in a somewhat condescending tone. Especially upon first meeting him, Ougi seems to take an obsessive interest in helping Koyomi Araragi, much to his friends' suspicion. In the first volume of Owarimonogatari, Koyomi claims that Ougi somehow causes him to blurt out things without hesitation. He's also commented on them knowing things he's never told them. Ougi claims to have a job of "punishing liars," and the execution of this claim implies it is connected to oddites. As a "conventional monster," Ougi is an entity which exists solely on lying about its identity. Because they sprung from the subconscious guilt of Koyomi Araragi, their personality is designed to "punish" him with criticism, condescension, and various other personal attacks. Ougi has displayed a particular desire to maintain the illusion that they are the apparition-killing "Darkness," which lends credence to their claim that they "punish liars." Up until the conclusion of "Ougi Dark," Ougi's motivation is to sabotage and destroy the hypocritical aspects of Koyomi Araragi's personality, allowing his existence to become more "right."

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