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Owner is the owner of the Murakumo Inn. Often being the one to greet and welcome guests, he typically takes on a pleasant and helpful demeanour, especially at first glance or interaction. These seemingly good intentions usually have a much darker truth behind them, as he is not afraid to go through whatever means - even those deemed as cruel or borderline sadistic - to get his payment at the inn: the deepest secrets of his dear guests. Most often, Owner appears to be a shorter, feminine young man dressed in black, traditional Japanese clothing (either a yukata or a kimono). He has short, black hair with bangs that tend to frame his face, and wears a pair of sandals, most likely zori. In this form, he can also be seen carrying about a lantern with a lit flame inside of it. If he has to - like for instance, if he is badly wounded or attacked - he can take on a (seemingly) multi-limbed form with what appears to be at least three pairs of eyes. Given the nature of the form and the reasoning for its appearance, he is able to split himself into multiple "clones" of himself, and then consume them to be whole again. Owner has been seen to dress in more modern, casual clothing on occasion, but the most notable of occasions would be in the long haired, "feminine" form that he takes in Enigma 6. This form can be seen with long, straight black hair that reaches just above the waist, with the rest of his hair being largely unchanged. He can also be seen wearing a fit, long-sleeved black turtleneck and black pants. Though feminine, this form still has a rather flat chest, and could easily be taken as someone who is mostly androgynous. In addition to this, he does have a fully female form that he can take, and occasionally does simply because he "feels like it". It is seen in Enigma #29 when he goes to talk to Kaibara for the night. This form dons the same long, black hair as the previously mentioned form, and the clothing is similar to that of the form he usually takes, but white and with neckline significantly lower, exposing the cleavage. It should be noted as well that none of these are Owner's "true" form, and that Owner's true form is largely unknown, even to himself. When talking to Kaibara, he notes that when he looks in the mirror, all he can see is a large, black shape where he is supposed to be, and that he too perhaps, is simply a mirror himself.

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