Ozaki Kouyou

Ozaki Kouyou
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
January 10th
171.00 cm
62.00 kg
Blood Type
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Popularity # 4912
Like # 4736
Trash # 5319

Kouyou is a Port Mafia executive and has the ability Golden Demon. Ozaki appears as a tall and slender woman with pink hair tied into a traditional Japanese bun that is held by three long golden clips and another hair clip on the right side of her head, composed by a light pink furry hairclip and red ribbon which forms a five petal flower, and violet eyes. She dons what seems to be a traditional Kimono tied in a bow, covered under a light-purple mantle. She also wears a pair of brown shoes. In the anime adaption, Kouyou has red eyes and red hair, but she still retains her manga hairstyle. Her kimono is pink overlapped by dark purple one with red spider lily motifs, tied neatly with a maroon bow which has white borders, and a light pink mantle which goes darker in color from her elbow to her feet. She wears red eye shadow and light pink lipstick. Kouyou carries a red Japanese umbrella which conceals a sword with silver blade. Ozaki comes off as a mature, serious, emotional and cruel woman. At first, it looks as if she were only obsessed with Kyouka, going to such lengths of attacking Atsushi and claiming to kill him and any other who dares to 'show her the light', only for Kyouka to be by her side once again: and even torturing her psychologically to ensure this. Despite that, she has shown to genuinely care about her being - going as far as to plead Ougai on sparing her, showing no resentment after being deceived and attacked by her, and asking Atsushi about her welfare after being beaten by The Guild.

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