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Pairin is a secondary character in The Apothecary Diaries. She is the eldest of the Three Princesses of Verdigris House and one of Maomao's adopted sisters. Pairin is a voluptuous woman with a beautiful body and face. Although she is well into her 30s, her beauty has not faded. She has long black/purple hair that reaches to her waist and has bangs that is swiftly to the side. And another pair of bangs that is the length to her chin. She has a hanfu that go down her shoulders and has a light blue flower on the left side of her hair. Unlike many courtesans, Pairin is a woman who sells her body not just for money, but also for pleasure. As Maomao puts it, she is a sex demon who will go after not just customers and manservants, but also other courtesans and kamuro when she feels too pent up. Her lust caused her to become known as a succubus-like character and she is said to suck the life force of men to retain her youth. Because of her strong lust and her motherly attitude towards Maomao, Maomao suspects that Pairin is a woman who longs for motherhood. In addition, despite her promiscuity, she does have preferences and has a penchant for muscular men with large "frogs" (If you know, you know). She also has a romantic side, wishing to be carried away from her captivity by a foreign prince.

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