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Fire Emblem
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November 18th
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Panne is a playable character from Fire Emblem Awakening. Panne is a cool woman with a strong sense of duty and pride for her people. Panne distrusts humans for the genocide of her people, leaving her as the last Taguel. As such, she refers to any human who has not earned her respect as "man-spawn". Akin to rabbits, she enjoys carrots, though she's very picky about her food and loathes potatoes in particular. However, during her support conversation with Robin, they note that Taguel taste buds may be different than a human's (or may not work at all) when Panne appears to be indifferent to the carrot stew they made earlier that tasted like "yesterday's dishwater". Due to her large ears, she has a very acute sense of hearing and can even tell if someone is nervous from their heartbeats. Because Panne is not human, she exhibits extraordinary displays of athletic ability. Panne is somewhat of a "wild" person as she never grew up with human customs. Because of this, she is clueless to society's norms and may come off as boorish such as in her support with Stahl, as while the two were gathering fruit, an accident occurs and Panne proceeds to clean Stahl's face by licking it, causing him to recoil. She is the fastest eater in the army.

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