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Patty is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. She is the daughter of Brigid, and her brother is Febail. Patty grew up in an orphanage, and resorted to thievery to support the orphans whom she had taken under her wing. She is later caught by Shannan when she attempted to pilfer the holy sword Balmung from the Yied Shrine. She is later able to recruit her brother Febail in Chapter 8, whereupon they decide to look for their mother Brigid after the war ends. Her Substitute character is Daisy. Patty is a headstrong young lady, who has shouldered several heavy responsibilities throughout the course of her life, with the main one being that of looking after orphans in the orphanage she was raised in. She is, however, both cheerful and high-spirited nonetheless, as she gladly faces all adversities that come her way. Patty is also rather possessive over items which she deems to be her own, as seen from her refusal to return the Balmung to Shannan. Patty also appears to be a very good cook, as can be seen in her lovers' conversation with Shannan in the Final Chapter, where she formulates a homemade stamina drink to boost his morale in the impending battle.

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