Patty Fleur

Patty Fleur
Original Name
Romaji Name
Pati Furuuru
Place of Origin
Capua Torim
Date of Birth
132.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 34644
Like # 34004
Trash # 31586

Patty Fleur is a new protagonist introduced in the PlayStation 3 port of Tales of Vesperia. She is capable of using guns and is even equally skilled at wielding a knife. She is a young pirate girl looking for the lost treasures of the legendary pirate Aifread. Another of her goals is to recover her memories. Rumor has it that she is Aifread's granddaughter. Patty has light skin, blue eyes, and blond hair braided into two ponytails tied with purple ribbons. Her attire is reminiscent of a ship's captain, consisting of a pirate's hat, a matching coat, and boots. She also wears a pair of binoculars around her neck. Patty is a young girl with no memories of her past, and seeks to recover them by finding the legendary treasure, the Maris Stella. At first she has a very childish personality, making jokes and irritating characters. However, she has suffered constant discrimination due to Aifread's involvement in a massacre. This results in her being distant at certain times. After she finds out about her past and her long lost friend, Seifer, she gains a more serious attitude. She has a crush on Yuri that she makes no attempt at hiding, and great admiration for Flynn Scifo. She loves cooking, and even has a few exclusive sidequests related to it.

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