Paul Bunyan

Paul Bunyan
Original Name
Romaji Name
Pōru Baniyan
Place of Origin
America, Canada
Date of Birth
Blood Type
Popularity # 11486
Like # 11028
Trash # 12046

Paul Bunyan, Class Name Berserker, is the Berserker-class Servant of Gudako in the parody work Learn with Manga! FGO. She is also summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. Berserker is a gigantic "little girl character." The reason why he was summoned in the form of a young girl is unknown.[1] Although modestly dressed compared to Rabbit Ears and Olga's Servant, Gudako says Berserker will appear as wearing overalls and nothing else upon her Ascension. Her height can be measured by eye to be normally above 3m, but the precise values fluctuate during measurement and thus cannot be confirmed. As with the legends, she is accompanied by a giant, blue male bull but, no matter how you look at it, the shape of the bull is a spherical shaped monster. A Fearsome Critter that was rumored to exist during the pioneer era of America, or what could be called an UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animal) in today's times. Bunyan loves people, and believes that the development of civilization is their happiness as she develops unknown lands. If it is for the sake of ensuring a prosperous lifestyle for the people, there is no hesitation to destroy the magnificent Mother Nature. But as to how humanity will perceive it in the future, that is something that the young Bunyan has yet to understand. She is bright yet not lively, obedient, and has the tendency to restraint her self-assertion. On an aspect, she is also shy and fears strangers. But should she open her heart, she is able to treat others in a friendly manner. Meek in the way a child is, she is an owner of a sincere heart. But that does not to say it is pure; it seems that she has another aspect going on with her, a strong-willed and determined one. (She is able to speak of lies, poke fun on others, as well as speak in an unkind manner, as much as anybody else) Although she likes humans, and is always wishing to communicate with others, she has an introvert mindset and it is quite hard for her to speak for herself. She is unable to enter herself to an exciting conversation and the likes. The causes for her mindset being introvert are her insecurity against others and the lack of confidence on herself. Perhaps it is due to that while on one hand she possesses a large confidence in regards of the character spec and capabilities of Paul Bunyan, to begin with she felt the uneasiness of feeling unworthy as a Heroic Spirit. She does not hate the gigantic body given to her by her parents; however, she is afraid that it would trouble others and make herself treated like a nuisance. (She worries that it becomes an environmental burden, both space wise and cost wise) Which results in her thinking that she would become a hindrance in anything she concern herself with. She thinks that it is important to verify her own usefulness so that she can be accepted by others; she is very much delighted if given role for things such as manual labor. (While Bunyan likens herself to a heavy machinery or a large scale wheeled vehicle, that was because she wishes to express that she is useful.) Such a delicate person, one who thinks of usefulness as the most important thing in the world, would have a simplistic way of thinking that approves of pragmatically eliminates those without use or those which serves as obstacles. (Like thinking that if all trees on the earth is felled, than mankind would have more space to inhabit, lumbering would increase, and everybody would be happy.) That is due to her young experience of life, and should she study of the complexity of the world than she would probably revise her thinking. (She does have the Mad Enhancement skill, so she probably wouldn’t.) Bunyan, who reclamates the untouched lands for the sake of the happiness of the people. She has completely no hesitation in the destruction of nature, and to add, she also does not feel any joy in destruction. Bunyan implements destruction as a duty dispassionately; on the contrary, she actually feels joy in the act of creation. Her fingers are unusually dexterous, and she got a good head on her shoulders, so she is able to create many things. She proudly speaks of how it would be a waste to not make use of raw materials such as lumbers and animals meat and skin procured from lumbering and hunting, and so everything must be effectively utilized. During battle, she would also sharply collected raw materials dropped by enemies. Babe the Blue Ox which she always brings with her is a mysterious existence, perhaps even one of her Noble Phantasm. It seems that while Bunyan is fond of Babe, presently she think of it as less of a partner and more of a pet, or perhaps an able livestock. (Were she in the adult form of her heyday, she would probably feel more sense of friendship….) It seems that she puts the standard of the merit and demerit in terms of usefulness even on animals, so the way she treat them is quite indifferent. She has no hesitation in hunting. Even seeing a cute, small one would rarely mellow her. She is frank towards those equal to her, but towards those above her, those of dignity, she would shrink back and uses polite language. She speaks unreserved towards the Master because she thinks of them like a family. She normally uses gentle expressions, but she would also uses rough words when angered. There is a theory that assumes Quebec woodcutters as her origin; perhaps due to that, she sometimes uses French vocabularies (only simple ones). She also calls Babe French style, Bebe. Her magic energy consumption rate is bad. The Master needs to prepare a large quantity of magic energy to compensate for that. Due to a fear of being constantly hungry, Bunyan really eats her food well. (Of course, it adds to her magic energy for just a little bit.) She is sensitive to heat due to her high heat generation and cold region origin. Because she is young, she doesn’t really feel shy in dressing lightly.

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