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Peke is Lala's all-costume robot, who acts as a module to form her clothing. Peke is exceptionally devoted to her creator, Lala, and is her most constant companion. She is almost always seen on Lala's head, as a hair pin and acts as her portable wardrobe. Peke was often referred to as a boy in early manga chapters, until she revealed her ability to transform into a human-like girl. Peke is small and her body is almost completely white. She has a round head with two thick swirl shaped black eyes (x shaped when out of power) and (dash shaped when sleeping or inactive) and visible no mouth and nose. Peke appears like she's wearing a white jacket with yellow edges, with a blue shirt and red tie in-between and sometimes devilish wings on her back. Peke can be easily mistaken for a toy by some kids, so to avoid this, she somehow is able to turn into a human-like girl with similar clothing and with robot disc-shaped hair brooches on her head. Peke is loyal to Lala, but can also be quite helpful towards others who are friends to Lala, such as fixing their clothes, and helping Mikan recover her bag from a robber by enabling her to fly in costume form. Peke is generally polite, addressing people with the respectful honorific "-dono". She is often a quick thinker, reminding Lala about scheduled events, (mostly Television and such), helping Rito understand her behavior on their walk home through body language and helping in small time crises. However, she can also be quite blunt about what she thinks of other people.

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