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Penthesilea, also known as Berserker of El-Dorado, is a Berserker-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. Penthesilea is summoned in her body about 5–10 years away from her future adulthood figure during the Trojan War, of where she was a "complete incarnation of beauty." The queen of the strong who combines both strength and nobility. While a Berserker, Penthesilea is completely capable in understanding, as well as employing, military strategies and leadership skills. However—■■■■■■■■. Once "that" is mentioned, everything else becomes trivial, and her every thought is painted over by "that". The only thing she doesn't recognize as "that" is herself (and sometimes, even she herself is one). For that very reason, she is a mad warrior. Rage beyond rage evaporates her reason, and she can only sneer. At most, she can only spew curses and harassment. And so she pledged. In no matter what form, she will fight again with the man who carved this humiliation into her―to kill him. The woman who will definitely kill Achilles. Being called "beautiful", Achilles himself was not conscious of saying such a thing. She fought as a warrior. Not to present herself as a "woman". If it had ended with a fight to the death with a true warrior, the hero would surely feel relief upon looking at their enemy. "I won." "I'm glad I didn't die." "There's no need to get up anymore." However―――he still――― She unconsciously refuses to manifest as the figure of "complete incarnation of beauty" from her later years. As that form was what produced her greatest humiliation, it is seen as "that age holding such beauty is not me at my prime." When she is not being engulfed by the anger and desire for revenge towards Achilles, she is a stoic and calm female warrior. She is severely brutal against her enemies. Even if one is an ally, she would rage upon them if they were to treat her as a women. Especially taboo are the words “beautiful” and “lovely” due to the trauma she has. A battle frenzy whose identity is her strength as a warrior. Due to being a queen, she is fundamentally arrogant. Her wish upon the Holy Grail is, obviously, for a rematch against Achilles. She wishes to dispel her old disgrace, and this time once again carry out an one-on-one battle as a true warrior. She treats the Master as someone who shows her the way towards the battlefield and someone who prepares trials for her. Something like, “Now, promptly lead me towards the next battlefield.”

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