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Peri is a playable character in Fire Emblem Fates and an ally on the Conquest and Revelation routes. Peri mostly acts like a spoiled child, crying very easily when upset and will lash out violently. Such feelings stem from the murder of her beloved mother by a servant when Peri was a very young girl: she walked on the murder scene, saw her mother's corpse lying in a puddle of blood, and her whole mind and heart simply broke. Though she normally speaks in a childish manner, there are a few instances in which she speaks in a manner befitting of her age. She began violently lashing out against nearly all servants, even ones hired after her mother's death as she became unable to distinguish the one who killed her. Her father's general apathy towards the murder of their servants further stunted her morality, escalating to outright murder to anyone who has wronged her. To further her childish behavior, in the Japanese version, Peri often refers to herself in the third-person, a trait usually expressed by young Japanese children or adults portrayed as childish. Peri borderlines on sociopathic behavior, relishing in the act of murder though most instances are contained to the battlefield where such thoughts are acceptable. However, outside of battle, there are instances in which Peri will simply kill on an impulse without hesitation, as shown in several of her supports. However, even she has limits. In her support with Odin, she's horrified when she finds out there's a rumor about her willing to kill even babies and kittens to satiate her thirst for blood. Though she loves killing on a whim, Peri prefers opponents who are capable of defending themselves, and respects a worthy opponent. This is shown in her supports with Corrin if they achieve a S-Rank support, as he promises to hire servants who will not die in a single stroke. In her supports with Felicia, after Peri fails to kill her, she compliments her martial prowess and even asks her to train the servants at her mansion so that they can at least fight back as well as she can. Peri is shown to have some knowledge that her behavior is wrong, as shown in her supports with Jakob and Leo, where she shows distress when the killing is directed at her. Her supports with Arthur also support this, as when Arthur brings her the blade she wanted, she considers that maybe stabbing does not have to be the solution for everything. Silas also presumes that Xander is partial to her. When Laslow asks her if she thinks of the people who are close to those she kills, this leaves her speechless and prompts her to tell him about her mother's murder. In some supports, her partner attempts to teach to teach her morality, but most fail and simply accept her murderous tendencies as a part of her. At the end of the war, Peri seems to have calmed down better, when unmarried, her ending states that her cruelty faded, and if married, states that she eventually learned the difference between right and wrong. An exception to this is if she marries Odin or Laslow, in which case she vanishes along with her husband at the same time a string of missing-persons cases comes to an end. Peri cooks the best out of everyone else in the army primarily because she always cooked her own meal due to her fear of poisoned food. This is highlighted greatly in her supports with Kaze, where he comments on the complexity and deliciousness of her snacks and her support with Selena, where she beats her in a cooking contest. Peri also reveals to Kaze that all of her cooking comes from natural talent, as she never had any formal training. She prefers cutting raw meat the most just to see the blood spill out of it. Outside of the fear of being targeted for death, Peri is also afraid of bugs as shown in her support with Kaden. She is also afraid of mummies, and is allergic to fool's gold.

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