Piers Nivans Husbando

Piers Nivans
Original Name
Romaji Name
Appears In
Resident Evil
Place of Origin
United States Of America
Date of Birth
October 2nd 1987
Blood Type
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Popularity # 38051
Like # 36104
Trash # 40909

Raised into a multi-generational military family going back to his great-grandfather, as the first-born son Nivans made joining the US Army his life's goal throughout his childhood. Nivans qualified for Army Special Forces training, where he developed his skills as a sniper. However, during this training he began to question his purpose in the Army. In 2010, Nivans was scouted by Cpt. Chris Redfield, an SOA who had recently requested reassignment to the SOU, where he hoped to personally train new recruits. Nivans accepted the offer, and became part of Cpt. Redfield's regular team within the North American branch. During this time he visited the BSAA Far East Branch's training academy with his new CO to observe the next class of recruits undergoing basic training. He took notice of one trainee, Merah Biji, a BSAA researcher who requested reassignment. Though she had excelled in her year-long physical training, Nivans was quick to beat her in sparring due to his longer training, and used it to teach her about complacency and how there will always be someone stronger to fight.

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