Pooh Upooh

Pooh Upooh
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Pooh Upooh is an NPC in Lucid Adventure and is one of the representatives of Yopi Land. She is "Yopi's Left Arm" and serves as his Advisor. In the past, she was the Boss of the Dungeon of Cursed Black Magic. Pooh Upooh is generally very serious. She does not take it lightly when she feels that Yopi is being disrespected as she scolded Tac for being casual with him. She's also a nonchalant person outside of work as she nonchalantly gave her stolen staff away to Dark and returned Armes and team Bamboo Spear Man to their original forms. She has self sacrificial attitude as she had offered up her life multiple times in order to win battles or help her team escape. According to Yopi, she's also bad at lying. As a renowned strategist, she's smart, calculating and is knowledgeable about many things. She had come up with a plan that could've beaten Team Dark were it not for Heart Heater's surprising power and had even memorized all of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's moveset when he fought. She and three other strategists had quickly come up with a plan that will be able get rid of Guild Nightmare in just a month.

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