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Born Number Six, Julia was artificially created by Galdoune in an attempt to create the perfect human being. Julia is prideful for that, but, disliking his previous name, he picked the name Julia Michael Borje for himself, and tortured, killed, or kept with the aim of using them eventually all the five clones created before him, which are considered failures by Julia and by Galdoune itself. Julia tends to think very highly of himself, and has much confidence in his skills, not even flinching when defeated by Roberto Nicholas and Josef Kou Hiraga, towards whom he actually displays a certain interest. Despite his egoistical nature, he has been shown occasionally going out of his way to help others; this is, however, most likely due to a god complex than kindness, as he himself stated he doesn't understand the meaning of mercy. Julia is cunning and deceitful, and seems to act more according to his own believes than to Galdoune's orders.

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