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Qin Shi Huang
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February 18th 259 BC
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Qin Shi Huang is a Ruler-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. Ying Zheng, and dubbed the "Son of Heaven". The First Emperor of the Qin dynasty, noted as the most celebrated figure in Chinese history. The founder who, for the first time in China which boasts an eternal history, accomplished the unification of the country, and established himself as the emperor. He accomplished many great feats that would become the foundation for China's later prosperity such as centralizing power through a county and prefecture system, creating a consolidated currency and measuring unit, and the establishment of a transportation network; but at the same time, he was also known for his severe oppression of thoughts such as the burning of books and burying of scholars. In his later years, in a wish for gaining immortality, he searched for the mysteries of the realm of immortals and attempted to search throughout all of China, but he died without realizing his wish. Unifying mainland China by 221 BC, he took the name of First Emperor. He was the target of a failed assassination attempt by Jing Ke. This version is from the Chinese Lostbelt, having gained immortality in 210 B.C. and lived until modern day 2018 A.D. (2020 A.D. in the US version) in the Lostbelt. His true body is the form of Qin Shi Huang from the Chinese Lostbelt. This is the final conclusion of the Zhenren who freely used the authority gained from a system of centralized authoritarian rule and poured all of his energy into domestic affairs and technological development, and on top of that, also pursued the path of immortals to improve the limits of his lifespan as a living being. In the Lostbelt, Ying Zheng has recovered the remains of an artificial human body made by the Xian, Taiyi Zhenren from the historic ruins of the Yin dynasty and by analyzing it, he acquired the technology to mechanize the flesh. Thus, the Qin Shi Huang who obtained his dearest wish, immortality, avoided an era of wars with his iron wall-like rule and thanks to this, even before the Western Renaissance, China has accomplished an Industrial Revolution. Due to the overwhelming gap in technology, he managed to conquer the whole world. In the Lostbelt, Qin Shi Huang was a transcendental existence who lived for 2200 years with a mechanical body and promptly achieved the feat of unifying the world. He was a wise ruler who considered the matters of the populace carefully, but didn't view them as people. In the first place, his definition of a human being was "someone who is responsible for themselves and the future of the world" and in the Qin Empire governed by Qin Shi Huang, the only existence who could be described as such was the emperor alone. The human race that entrusted all dominion to the administrator wasn't made up of "people similar to humans"; Qin Shi Huang cared for them as mere livestock and pets that the emperor was held accountable for. They were a lonely and self-centered existence, but since they were a person who's overcome the frailty of human nature that serves as a source for selfishness and malice, their nature wasn't distorted by their circumstances. As a person with a wise and rational character, he was someone you could even exchange words with. ...However, not under the common understanding that both parties were humans. Therefore, he was very shocked by "the world where every citizen can be human", namely, the possibility for democracy, described by the visitor who appeared from the compiled phenomenon. While they may be arrogant, they are a person who likes looking after others so they won't overlook the plight of others. At their core, they are someone with good intentions, but since what they consider good is to be "managed under the protection of the Qin dynasty", concerning the result, none could think of it as anything but an unwelcome favor. In Proper Human History, Qin Shi Huang was a tyrant that despised Confucianism which extolls poetry, manners, and entertainment. After becoming immortal, and having lived for over twenty-two hundred years, Jing Ke notes that the Lostbelt emperor's dislike for Confucianism has gotten much worse. However, after Qin Shi Huang's defeat against Chaldea, the Lostbelt King no longer had a reason to hate the disciples of Confucius. Brimming with a spirit of inquiry, they are interested in everything and would poke their head into things, but due to the inquisitiveness they possessed from the start based on the conclusion that "as expected, the Qin empire is number one", they are always assuming a condescending attitude. In the end, it is a spirit of inquiry from the standpoint of conducting a prior investigation for the sake of a future conquest. According to the Kuroka's, they would need to demonstrate a proper degree of respect if they were to summon Qin Shi Huang. Qin pretends to have trouble pronouncing Koyanskaya's name, because he believes it would cause her discomfort if someone of his status showed her such respect. Names include, Kominski, Tayunskapon, Koyawhatever, and Yayanski. Since they are a statesman worried about the "fate of the world of man" in every time axis, if the world were to be on the verge of a crisis, they'd proactively involve themselves in it. Although they have their doubts about the human civilization that is a compiled phenomenon where "the people confront fate without relying on a sole absolute being", they understand that such a thing has more promise than their rule that came to end due to the pruning phenomenon, and plan to calmly ascertain the conclusion. The Master who demonstrated their strength to fight on in the past to Qin Shi Huang could be considered their sole "rival as a human", and the Emperor is always observing them to measure their true worth. However, should the Master's resolve to fight against the Alien God and its minions waver he will not hesitate to create SIN once again.

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