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Raine has brought death to thousands of demons over the years, and she has the scars to prove it. The scene she leaves behind after a hunt is distinctive. Demons lay in pieces or riddled with gunshot. The sharp stench of black powder hangs heavy in the air and dark oily blood paints the walls and collects into grizzly rivulets. The walls and furnishings are shattered and chipped, blast marks illustrating the trajectory of the shower of lead characterizing Raine's methods. Though she is a picture of cold stoicism, Raine's conscience is in constant pain. When she was just a child, she ventured deep into the forest with her best friend, a boy named Fawkes. Upon finding a cavern, they ignored their better instincts and went inside, ending up trapped in a necromancer's den, intended as a sacrifice to some dark power. Though she and her companion managed to escape with their lives, her beloved companion was infected with a demonic parasite. To this day she can see the toll it takes on him. She sees the exhaustion in his eyes from years of sleepless nights, spent fighting the parasite tooth and nail. She knows the pain that gnaws away at his psyche. His tired eyes are a constant reminder of the misery that her best friend has to live with, and of her own failure to prevent it. Despite Fawkes' apparent mastery over the entity, Raine still worries that it will one day overpower him. It is patient and persistent, and at the end of the day Fawkes is only a man. This is why it is Raine's paramount priority to hunt down the necromancer that hurt her friend all those years ago and who still walks the land. This is the only way to afford respite for her companion, the only chance at allowing him to finally know a normal life. “If you can see me, you're already dead.”

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