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Rama, Class Name Saber, is a Saber-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. The reason why Rama is summoned as a young boy is because, just like it was alluded to in the main scenario, the period when he fought in search of Sita is indeed in his golden age. A warrior in his younger years. Rama's eyes are crimson red and match the color of his hair for the most part, as it is blonde-white at the top section. It has bangs that fall over his face, parted between his eyes, and possesses a tall strand curved upwards at the very top (ahoge), while a long ponytail extends at the end of it, reaching past his waist. In addition, he wears a pair of earrings. Rama is seen always carrying his Noble Phantasm, Brahmastra, his hands. His clothes consist of a sleeveless top, exposing his shoulders, divided into three sections. The left and right ones' alignment and the decorative fashion of the top one make it resemble more feminine clothing. The top section connects to a tall collar around his neck. Rama also wears disconnected sleeves that go all the way down to his hands. They are black, with orange rings of metal at the start and ending on metallic-looking golden gloves with sharp ends for the fingers and orange pieces protecting the forearms. His stomach is protected by a golden sash-like piece of armour with an ornament on the front. Said piece holds two large pieces of cloth on either side, white and whittish-red sashes, the left one having an unknown object attached to it. Finally, he wears black trousers on his lower half that seemingly link with the boots of the same color. The trousers have red strips as a pattern, more prominent on the right leg compared to the left. The boots are addorned with a silver line by the centre of each one. In his 2nd Ascension, Rama's sashes are replaced by a silky piece of cloth open on the front, golden mixed with white and adorned with a pattern of symbols. In addition, both the left and right section of his top gained two strips of cloth resembling his new 'cape' in both material and color. His sleves gained pieces of orange armour for the upper arm that extend outwards. In his 3rd Ascension, his hair is freed from the ponytail, revealing its true length and volume. The left and right sections of his top, the pieces of armour of his fore and upperarms, trousers and boots change to white. His 'cape' turns into a black mixed with red. Although he has somewhat an arrogant section for his personality, fundamentally, Rama is a young boy who keeps up his efforts everyday and is probably a splendid being as a “great king”. Although Rama is gentle to his subordinates and animals, doing things such as curing squirrels with healing spells and helping others in creating a bridge, his attitude becomes quite obstinate towards Servants that are widely-known tyrants. He hates evil, but he is aware of how dangerous such a line of thought can be. Even so, he thinks that people should still sing of justice. In regards to the Master, Rama will consider them as "a person who linked up as comrades-in-arms", but he will also fundamentally take a somewhat haughty behavior towards him or her. Due to that, he might give off the impression of an impertinent brat. Even though he is like your average elder in terms of knowledge, his mentality simply does not catch up with it. Such peculiar circumstances as a Servant are probably making him have such an attitude. Naturally with this attitude, he will not allow himself, a king, to be treated as someone of a lower rank even if he recognizes himself as a Servant and his partner as the Master, for he believes that is not how the way the world works, but he will put his trust in his Master as a brethren to the very end. Rama's wish for the Holy Grail is for the "undoing of the Curse of Separation with his wife Sita" and "a reunion with Sita", but up to the present time, that wish has not yet been granted. He wants to see Sita. He wants to meet and talk to her. Just that is good enough for him. Rama is primarily not a Saber, and it would be better to summon him as an Archer. As far as he is concerned, Brahmastra is an arrow that eliminates all things demonic. However, an exemplary anecdote concerning Sita is her bow and arrows (her Noble Phantasm is Haradhanu Janaka). Considering the likelihood that she would be summoned, Sita would be unable to get the role of Saber, so Rama takes that Class instead so that Sita can get the Class of Archer. … But then, since the Saber Class is famed to be the most superior of all the Classes, it may not be known that it was inevitable for Rama to choose this Class because as a young boy, he would try to put on a show for Sita. Rama likes anything that he enjoys, such as dance, music, martial arts and meditation, while he is weary of depravity. However, the one thing that he abhor the most is himself for the time when he suspected his beloved wife of infidelity. Sometimes, he would like nothing more than to wring his own neck for that judgement. Back in his lifetime, Rama once saw war as a source of pleasure, where swinging swords and loosing arrows were mere amusement to him. But only when Sita was abducted by Ravana that the youth finally came to know the terrors of war. While he did not fear death or harm, he recognized that if he were to die, then he would lose his friends, his younger brother, and his beloved Sita. From the bottom of his heart, he was deeply afraid of throwing away the lives of his brother and his subjects. War was frightening, but Rama did not shrink from battle, nor did he flee. He would wound, he would kill, he would be hurt, and he might even be killed. He accepted all of this, and challenged the Demon King. Swallowing one's fear, stepping into the fray, and crying out the name of your love; he believes that is the essence which makes a hero.

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