Ran Haitani Husbando

Ran Haitani
Original Name
灰谷 蘭
Romaji Name
Haitani Ran
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Ran Haitani is part of the S62 generation, a former Tenjiku Heavenly King, and is currently Rokuhara Tandai’s No. 2. He becomes a Bonten executive in an alternate timeline. Ran is a tall and lanky teenager and he has the same height as hakkai Shiba. And he styles his long hair into pigtail braids. The roots and end sections of his hair are dark, while the midsection and very ends are blonde. His eyebrows are also blonde. Ran also wears earrings and is depicted as having a tattoo on the left side of his back. When not in his uniform, he wears a loose-fitting sweatshirt with pants. He has a tattoo on his back. While in Tenjiku, he wears a black version of the gang uniform, which features a skull motif on the collar, along with a light-colored belt and gloves. In Rokuhara Tandai, he also wears a black version of the gang uniform with contrasting white seams and a white belt. As a Bonten executive, his hair is now short and gelled to the side with the syndicate's insignia tattooed on the front of his neck. He wears a form fitting suit. Ran often displays a calm yet whimsical demeanor with a lazy smile on his face. Believing they don’t need a team, he has great determination in ruling over Roppongi along with his little brother, Rindo Haitani. Ran can also get teasing and quite cocky at times. He enjoys speaking in faux sympathy when asking for forgiveness from his opponent. During fights, he is very violent and sometimes resorts to tactics which includes using weapons, such as with his metal baton or bricks to ruthlessly beat up his opponent. He also tends to steal the spotlight when it came to any business he and his brother were involved with. Ran cares a lot about his little brother as he is seen to become extremely worried and furious after witnessing him getting injured, and often encourages him during their fights together. Despite being a delinquent, he is still very respectful and is stated to have admired Izana Kurokawa and Hitto Kakucho.

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