Ray White Husbando

Ray White
Original Name
Romaji Name
Rei Howaito
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
173.00 cm
60.00 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Black Dragon
Popularity # 42776
Like # 42364
Trash # 38943

Ray White is the main protagonist of the series. He is one of the Seven Grand Sorcerers where he is the modern-day Iceblade Sorcerer. He became a war orphan after he was involved in the Far East campaign, where he was adopted by Lydia Ainsworth the previous Iceblade Sorcerer. The reason why he enrolled to the Arnold Academy of Magical Arts was to live an ordinary life. Ray has short black hair and blue eyes. He is a handsome and cool-looking boy. He looks thin overall, however, when he takes off his clothes he reveals a chiseled muscular body. When he activates his Chronos Lock ability, his hair turns into a bluish white. Ray is quite an oddball, having standards that are too quirky. Being a commoner, he is extremely respectful to others and even his close friends and usually uses formal honorifics, like san. He is very optimistic and carefree since his main goal is to make friends and enjoy school life to the fullest. Because of his friendly and outward nature, he can easily converse with everyone, even if it's strangers or people of high caliber. Although his personality is serious, he is shown to lack common sense; for instance, he misunderstood that Allium and his group were cursing him. For him, when it comes to sorcerers, everyone is equal. He is also a natural womanizer who easily says such good words to the girls, making them blush or embarrassed. Ray is also an expert crossdresser, using magic to alter his voice when he does so. He uses this primarily as an infiltration technique, but occasionally for other matters (such as to be a maid in a maid cafe). He does not conceal this skill from those who know him, though there are a number of people whom he has not told (due to not realizing he should/needs to) and have not made the connection.

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