Rayne Ames Husbando

Rayne Ames
Place of Origin
Magic Realm
Date of Birth
March 3rd
175.00 cm
67.00 kg
Blood Type
Popularity # 29551
Like # 29935
Trash # 20189

Rayne Ames is a third-year student at Easton Magic Academy, a Divine Visionary, and the current prefect of the Adler Dorm. Rayne is a young man who has blonde hair on the right side of his head and black hair on his left, light-colored eyes, and three magic marks on his face, one of which is located beneath his right eye and the remaining two which go down his left. Rayne usually has a serious, cold, and somewhat detached demeanor. His neutral and unenthused facial expression generally never gives away what he's feeling, however, underneath that coldness, he does tend to care for others and protect those he's fond of or takes an interest in. On the other hand, when it comes to his enemies he will show no sympathy or mercy and is more than willing to be cruel to them and torture them to get what he wants.

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