Regulus Corneas Husbando

Regulus Corneas
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Regurusu Koruniasu
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173.00 cm
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Nain Iota
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Regulus Corneas was a Sin Archbishop of the Witch Cult, representing Greed. He debuted in the second interlude of Arc 3 alongside Lye Batenkaitos, where he took on Crusch's military convoy, completely decimating it alongside its passengers, which included Rem. Later, he appeared in Emilia's first trial during the events of Arc 4, where he played an antagonistic role under Pandora's lead, and finally, Regulus was one of the primary antagonists of Arc 5, where he was subsequently defeated by a joint force consisting of Reinhard van Astrea, Natsuki Subaru, and Emilia. He drowned underneath the streets of the Watergate City of Priestella. As the strongest and one of the oldest Sin Archbishops in the Witch Cult, Regulus had an air of mystery surrounding him and was responsible for many brutal mass-slaughters and annihilations in the century prior to the beginning of the story. During the events of Arc 4, it was revealed he acted as the head of the radical faction inside the Witch Cult 100 years ago. Regulus's face had no eye-catching features and he had golden eyes that were usually murky and disinterested, but started to sparkle when he passionately engaged in his long monologues. His modestly handsome face wasn't particularly attractive or unattractive, while his hair was neither short nor long and without a distinct style, however, it was naturally white despite his youthful appearance. Regulus' white skin that lacked any semblance of a tan, coupled with his white hair and predominately white clothing, made him seem as though he was the epitome of the colour white. In fact, the complete devoid of colour exhibited by Regulus' physical appearance gave him the impression of a sickly person of which all colour had drained away. Regulus' primary attire primary piece of clothing was a pure-white greca-style overcoat that reached down to his ankles and had golden-edged cuffs, a set of five golden buttons running down the torso of his centre front that usually ensured that the coat was closed above the hipline, and golden-highlighted edging. The inside of the coat was black and featured vertical golden stripes travelling down the entire coat. The most striking part of his coat was the opulent gold and black high-neck collar it sported that had the symbol for infinity inscribed on it, perhaps reflecting the nature of Regulus' Authority. Under his coat, he wore a long-sleeved deep-blue-coloured dress shirt, white snow-white trousers, and a pair of white shoes, the latter two of which were both the same shade as his hair and overcoat. Usually, only the cuffs of the dress shirt could be seen as Regulus's long overcoat tended to obscure it almost completely. Regulus had a single deep-blue teardrop-shaped earring that was the same colour as his dress shirt and dangled from his right earlobe thanks to a thin gold chain attaching it. During the wedding that he attempted to have with Emilia in Arc 5, Regulus displayed himself in a far more formal wedding uniform. He chose to wear a white tuxedo with a white color pallet, the same as his normal uniform. The tuxedo had a long cape-like backside that nearly went down to his heels. In addition, Regulus wore a blue and white striped undershirt adorned with a black and gold striped ribbon, white gloves, and white shoes. Regulus was talkative, and tended to describe himself as unselfish, despite representing greed. He would often go on and on about trivial matters in the most incoherent ways, usually leaving the other party confused and/or unable to follow his thoughts, ideals and values. Due to his extremely prideful personality, however, he often forced his own selfishness on others and tried to justify it. If his opponents had said something that went against his opinions and beliefs, he would find unreasonable faults in them, gradually becoming angry while accusing them of "violating his rights", before attacking and killing them without mercy or second thought. Despite his pacifistic nature, he would not hesitate to attack, harm or kill someone, as to him, the act of taking away what is his was the most abhorrent and disgusting thing a person could do. He often showed complete ignorance for other individuals' values and exercised extremely selfish behaviours, as seen when he got unreasonably angry at Rem who had prepared to fight him, despite explicitly telling her that he hates fighting, despite slaughtering multiple convoys full of wounded people just minutes prior to Rem's battle with him and Lye Batenkaitos. On top of all that, Regulus was also very hypocritical and wouldn't hesitate to eat his own words and promises, giving further evidence of his sociopathic nature. He was extremely prideful and viewed himself as a "divine being" or "the most satisfying existence in the world", which greatly hindered his assessment of people, no matter if they were his enemies or allies, to the point he would make light of the Sword Saint, mocking him and calling him "a moniker of some guy who knows of nothing but swinging a sword". He often pointed out his dislike for needlessly involving himself with others and vice versa, stating he would be perfectly happy if people never paid attention to him and/or bothered him. Despite that, he has been shown to have conversed with people without initiating a conflict with the opposite party, until he got his "rights violated", which instantly changed his mood for the worse and prompted him to take action against them. His hot-tempered personality often resulted in unneeded fights, however, due to his overwhelmingly powerful Authority of Greed, he always came out victorious and unharmed, even against ridiculously strong opponents such as the Vollachia's strongest–Kurgan. Due to his long life as a Sin Archbishop without ever getting his life seriously threatened, he never matured; he disclosed his secret to Subaru, who in turn was able to connect all the dots and unravel his formidable Authority, allowing Reinhard to deal the finishing blow. In his final moments, Regulus revealed how he hated being looked down upon or laughed at, going even as far as saying he became a Sin Archbishop just so he could protect himself from such people; whoever offended him or his wives would wound up getting killed, no matter their acquaintanceship with him. Regulus never realized his "sins", not even in the moments before his demise. His view on the world was corrupt and distorted from the very beginning until the bitter end. His final cries were full of hatred, wishing for the whole of humanity to disappear forever. Having been born with a corrupt and distorted mindset, Regulus seemingly did not perceive kindness, love and affection in the same way as a normal person would have; it was strongly suggested that he lacked empathy and was impulsive, narcissistic and sociopathic. He took everything as a personal assault and critic, never developed a "human side", which in turn made him feel like everyone was against him, pitying and loathing his very existence. With time, Regulus himself seemingly developed a paranoid personality which completely dulled his perception of the world around him. After receiving the Witch Factor of Greed, Regulus gained an extreme form of escapism; he slaughtered everyone who pitied him, destroyed everything that bothered him and protected only the things he deemed important and necessary for his ideal and dream life. With that, Regulus was given an opportunity to be able to escape the dull, depressing and detested world he was brought into, and create a new world with himself at the top and surrounded by his subjects/wives; his cherished kingdom. He spent the following century trying to fulfil his Greed, which he never achieved, trying to justify to himself that he was not greedy, until his bitter and watery end.

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