Rei Hino

Rei Hino
Original Name
火野 レイ
Romaji Name
Sailor Mars
Appears In
Sailor Moon
Place of Origin
Hikawa Shrine, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Date of Birth
April 17th
160.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 725
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Rei Hino is the civilian identity and present-day incarnation of Sailor Mars. She is a miko who lives at Hikawa Shrine with her Grandfather and the crows Phobos and Deimos in the manga. Rei is a teenage girl with deep violet eyes and long black hair, that shows off a slight purple tint. Takeuchi described Rei in her notes as being "slender". Unlike the other Sailor Senshi's school uniforms, her school uniform was very stylish and classy and reflected the elite status of her private school. She wore a gray blouse that had a black collar with red stripes on it, a red bow, a black skirt, white socks with a red stripe, and black shoes. When she became a high school student in Stars, the red bow on her shirt became black. Another outfit she is often seen wearing is her red and white shrine priestess robes. She also always wears her pendant. Sailor Mars' sailor uniform consists of her tiara, which has a red gem in the center. Six pointed stars dangling from red stud earrings. Her plain red choker. Her sailor collar with three white stripes on it. Her purple front bow with her circular red brooch. Her leotard, which has three white shoulder pads with her deceased mother's brooch, which is a red gem with gold accents on it on her waist. Her gloves are elbow-high with three red bands at the end. Her skirt and back bow are both red. She also wears shiny red high heels. Her brooch becomes heart shaped when the Holy Grail awakens. As Super Sailor Mars, her choker has a five-pointed golden star on it with a red gem embedded in the center, the bottom of her sleeves became transparent, the center of her front bow became a heart, and her back bow was enlarged and lengthened. Rei receives this form in the Stars arc. Her uniform almost appears to be similar to Eternal Sailor Moon's uniform, minus the wings. However, it is red and has lighter red bubble-like sleeves with red bands. Her choker is a "V" shape with a gold star on it. Her chest bow remains purple, but her back bow is a lighter shade of red. The belt is two shades of red ribbons with a star in front. Her gloves are now up to her forearms. Her skirt has two shades of red layered together. She no longer wears the high heels from both her first and super form; she now wears white boots topped with a "V" shape and a star in the center. As a Sailor Princess, she wore a red strap dress that went past her feet and wore a red choker that was tied into a ribbon at the back. She had a necklace and small red stud earrings. She also wore red high-heeled shoes with straps. The symbol of Mars was present on her forehead. She had Phobos and Deimos Castle. Rei dislikes modern romantic relationships and resents men. She has an old fashioned way of thinking, and is very traditional. She remained stoic and serious, making her a rather mysterious character. Due to the lack of male role models in her life and her resentment towards her father, she seems to not rely on men and is uninterested in ever getting into a romantic relationship. Despite her seriousness, she is extremely loyal to Usagi and her fellow Sailor Guardians, and cares a lot about the ones who are close to her.

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