Rei Kurosaki

Rei Kurosaki
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Rei Kurosaki (黒崎麗, Kurosaki Rei) is an esper and one of the children who was invited to the Awakening Lab. Rei is a young teenage girl with short light brown hair, slender brown eyebrows, large dark brown eyes with several tiny eyelashes and a small slender nose. Her hair is combed into a side-part and she has a slightly large forehead. Rei wears a pink track jacket (in the manga her sleeves have small bumps), black gym sweatpants, pink socks and white running shoes. Rei is good-natured and seems to enjoy showing off her powers in the Awakening Lab. While she is polite and cordial, she gets flustered around boys she finds to be cool, and is seen blushing during some interactions with Ritsu Kageyama and Teruki Hanazawa. During the esper children's imprisonment, Rei felt very distraught over their situation, and seeing Kaito being murdered by Mutou traumatised her further. However, after Kaito was revealed to be alive by Daichi, Rei became determined to help herself and her friends escape Claw, staying calm while using her clairvoyance to guide them to safety.

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