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Rein Shroud
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Rein Shuraudo
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“My name is Rein Shroud. By forming a contract, I hereby create a link. With oath in my chest, hope in my heart, and power within this hand. Answer me.” Rein Shroud is the main protagonist of Beast Tamer series. He is a beast tamer who was kicked out of the Hero's Party because of his incapability of battling by himself. Not having remorse for leaving the party, Rein decided to become an adventurer and explore the world without any restrictions. On his registration test, he met Kanade, a member of Cat Tribe, which is one of the strongest races. Rein is a tall, well-built, and cool-looking man. He has messy, ash grey hair along a black mesh with bangs in front of his forehead and blue (green in manga and anime) eyes. In light novels, he wears a half black and half grey shirt with folded sleeves, a brown belt around his waist, which has a pouch for his ammunition or certain items, light black pants with the grey blazer tied around her waist and a pair of leather boots. He is equipped with a body leather armor on his left side and full leather armor on his legs whereas in the manga, he wears a white shirt and light green pants. He wears Narukami on his right hand which allows him to set ambushes that make it a standard weapon for Rein as a beast tamer. After the incident with Horizon's Lord, he keeps Kamui on his lower back. He's been described as being a cute and handsome man by his Ultimate Contractuals.

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