Relena Darlian

Relena Darlian
Original Name
Romaji Name
Rirīna Dōrian
Place of Origin
Sanc Kingdom (Northern Europe)
Date of Birth
April 7th 180
154.00 cm
38.00 kg
Blood Type
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Popularity # 9087
Like # 10233
Trash # 5300

Relena Darlian aka Relena Peacecraft is the female lead of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. The last surviving female heir to the throne of the Sanc Kingdom, she meets the Gundam pilot Heero Yuy by chance and becomes entangled within the war between the colonies and Earth, learning of her true past and becoming the leading voice for the future. Once a rich, wistful girl, Relena grows more mature throughout the series as she learns the truth about her past and takes an active role in rebuilding the future. She eventually dedicates her life to the pacifism preached by her family, but admits in the OVA Endless Waltz that peace cannot be gained simply by handing it to the people and that some fighting is necessary. From early on, she appears to fall in love with Heero Yuy as she goes to great lengths just to be near him throughout the events of Gundam Wing. While their personalities conflict, as Heero is a soldier living only to fight while she is a pacifist (or Heero is seemingly without emotions while she becomes quite emotional several times in the series), Heero also appears to become quite close to her over time and vows to protect her even if it means his death. She is also exceptionally kind as, even after Heero first threatened to kill her when she learned of his secret mission and drastically changed her life, she remained a very close ally and friend of the grief-stricken Gundam pilot. Their rather unique relationship ultimately leads to them getting married at the end of the photo novel Frozen Teardrop.

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