Remi Ayasaki

Remi Ayasaki
Original Name
綾崎 レミ
Romaji Name
Ayasaki Remi
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
June 6th
158.00 cm
44.00 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 1531
Like # 1424
Trash # 2604

Remi Ayasaki is a character that's part of the Horimiya series, who serves as a member of the Student Council at Katagiri Senior High School. She is enrolled in class 3-5 and she is known as the girlfriend of Kakeru Sengoku and the friend of Sakura Kouno. Remi is considered as a cute and beautiful young girl with waist-length hot pink hair styled in high twin tails with bangs hanging over her forehead, chin-length hair strands hanging on either side of her face, and dark-pink eyes. Remi is usually depicted as a rather childish girl with a very straightforward personality and a person who wears her emotions on her sleeve. She seems to rely on other people's help regularly. She's also not very smart, often compared to Izumi Miyamura about which one is more of an idiot. She also usually speaks of herself in 3rd person.

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