Ren Yamashiro

Ren Yamashiro
Original Name
山城 恋やましろ
Romaji Name
Yamashiro Ren
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
February 11th
162.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 7696
Like # 6868
Trash # 15627

Ren Yamashiro is the Anti-Demon Unit Commander and 10th Unit Chief. She is a beautiful young woman with black hair and violet eyes with a ribbon on the right side of her hair. Ren is dressed in the usual Anti-Demon Corps uniform, shorts instead of a skirt, white gloves, and a cloak, in addition to black stockings, and heels. Both Tenka and Kyouka have described Ren as a patriotic Demon Hunter, doing whatever it takes to defend her homeland ranging from eliminating both Aoba and all the other Humanoid Shuuki who reside in the Hidden Village and working closely with the Prime Minister of Japan to ensure peace. As noted by Kyouka, Ren is an incredibly curious person. Once she takes an interest in someone or something, it is ill-omen which was noted when Yuuki first made contact with her for the first time. She would find excuses just to spend time with that thing, best seen with the head of the 3rd Unit who was reduced to become her plaything. Due to her upbringing, Ren has a strong belief in proving herself superior to others, as well as doing whatever it takes to ensure that people fear her, relishing in the difference between hers and their strengths. Despite her refined looks, Ren favored using brute force and fear, which seemed to have traumatized, Bell, a fellow Chief. Ren's level of brutality was proven when she continued pummeling Yuuki in Killer Fang after he started fighting against her, referring him as both a "Bad Dog" and "Beast". She continued using physical force, and almost killed him, after realizing that Yuuki could also regenerate in that Slave Form. Despite her serious demeanor and logic, Ren can at times do reckless things as when Kyouka tried warning her about the dangers of the Killer Fang, instead leaving to test it out herself. However, she was irritated after realizing that some of the "rewards" can get more intimate than that, showing that she isn't used to being in such embarrassing situations due to her upbringing, then near the end of it, she was remarkably embarrassed and flustered after it was finished to the point of destroying a mountain out of frustration. She also gained a vindictive fixation on him, even purchasing a dog collar to put on him to give herself a better sense of control. Ren is also very stubborn, even though she can easily humiliate Yuuki by forcing him to be her dog, she still think it not enough and leaves. She is also fond of animals, most notably dogs, which Ren stated Yuuki reminded her of, he, in turn, stated that she reminded him of his older sister in spite of them looking different from one another.

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