Rena Natsukawa

Rena Natsukawa
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Natsukawa Rena
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Rena Natsukawa is the female tritagonist character in the Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable! manga and anime series. She is a student at Kitami Hokuryo High School who happens to be a pale-skinned Hokkaido gyaru. Rena is a senpai (upperclassmen) to the other characters. Being a senpai, she is admired by many, including Minami Fuyuki. When meeting Tsubasa Shiki, turns out she was his neighbor. She takes a liking to him before all the others girl could. Rena soon learns that hard work and effort can be valued by others if she learns to slow down and appreciate those around her. Rena is depicted as a young senpai with white-pink hair with a multi-colored headband, and deep pink eyes. She also wears ninja star earrings. Rena typically wears the standard uniform of Kitami Hokuryo High School. The uniform consists of a long-sleeved blue unbuttoned blazer, and a gray skirt. However, Rena wears a light blue undershirt, and only puts the blazar over her shoulders, not the arms. Rena has short white-pink hair and pink eyes. She usually sports a Japanese hairband, a blue blouse, gray stockings, and long white boots. Her pale skin is said to complement the snowy landscape. When out in the cold, Rena wears basically the same school outfit but with a white jacket and light blue scarf. Rena, despite being a beautiful gyaru, is a total history buff. She is in love with authentic Japanese clothing. Rena, like Tsubasa, is very hardworking toward her academics. Because of this, Rena, sub-consciously, doesn't allow herself to rely on anyone but herself. She faces the pressure every single day and manages to exceed the bar with flying colors. To her, that is just a mask that hides her true emotional wellbeing. Unlike Minami or Sayuri, Rena doesn't straight up tease Tsubasa, she tends to use flirty undertones to attract him, which work just as effectively.

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