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Rentt Faina
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Rento Faina
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Rentt Faina Is a Bronze-class Adventurer under the Adventurer's Guild of Maalt Town. Born as a Human, Rentt worked as an Adventurer for a whole decade before being killed in an unfortunate encounter with a Dragon. Reborn as an Undead, Rentt continued his duties as an Adventurer under the name of Rentt Vivie. As a Human, Rentt had a youthful face that didn't change at all during his decade-long career as an Adventurer. When he was reborn as a Skeleton his body was little more than a walking pile of bones with no flesh, organs nor skin. When he evolved into a Ghoul, most of his previously bare bones were haphazardly covered by brown and dry flesh[6]. He had the dried-up face of a corpse, a single rotten eye in one of his sinned sockets, and a series of complicated tattoos on his face that pulsated a soft and bluish hue. After meeting Rina and acquiring clothes to hide himself with her help, Rentt now sports a pair of dark gloves to hide his hands, a pitch-black robe with long sleeves that hide his arms and a hood that hides his head, alongside a skull-shaped mask that covers his face. Rentt's most notable feature and greatest motivator is his life-long dream of becoming a Mithril-class Adventurer, training himself every day for 20 years in order to have the necessary strength to reach that rank. Even in the face of his lack of talent and aptitude he never gave up.

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