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Rhajat is a playable character in Fire Emblem Fates. Rhajat is a loner, preferring to stay away from others, especially those who she has no interest in. Her non-sibling supports with Shigure indicate that she used to suffer serious power incontinences when she was younger, leading her to be feared and to isolate herself from other people in fear of hurting them and being rejected. She dabbles in darker pursuits that appear dubious in nature, but most of her endeavors have the best of intentions for someone else. Rhajat has a particular obsession with Corrin after they saved her from a Faceless ambush at the end of her Paralogue. She also tells them that it started when she was young and energetic, as she almost fell off a cliff if not for Corrin who saved her and she changed her personality after that incident. Her relationship with her father comes off initially as cold and condescending because she is technically older than he is, however, it is revealed that her cold personality is a means to mask her loneliness due to being raised in the Deeprealms by herself. When Hayato insists on bonding with her no matter what, she actually breaks down crying. This shows that even though she is older than Hayato is, she nevertheless cares a great deal about him. Rhajat also cares a great deal about her mother, wanting said mother to trust her despite the opinions of others, such as the villagers in their supports. They also reveal that she's quite single-minded in her non-Corrin pursuits, like when she completely focuses on finding a cure to an illness despite being mistaken as the source of said sickness in the first place.

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