Rhea Fighter

Rhea Fighter
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Rēa Kenshi
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Rhea Fighter is an Adventurer and Wizard Boy's partner. She is a young woman of small stature, but for a Rhea she is of average height and is deceptively well-endowed. She wears light armor and dons her slim legs with black stirrup leggings. She sports red hair which she keeps tied back in a short ponytail with a white ribbon and has yellow-green eyes. She has a bright and happy personality, easily getting excited about adventure and other small things. She also does her best to keep her partner Wizard Boy in the right by making him mind his manners and keeps his abrasive nature in check. Her friendly attitude made her fast friends with Priestess and even helped bridge the gap between Wizard Boy and her fellow rookies, Rookie Warrior and Apprentice Cleric, who didn't like him but she (Rhea Fighter) won them over. Despite her uppity nature, she is also easily spooked, something others like Lizard Priest and Female Knight have enjoyed exploiting to see her "cute" overreactions. This is overshadowed by her desire to break barriers for Rheas; instead of becoming a scout as usual, she aspires to be a Warrior and "Bigger than Big" someday. She has a massive appetite, even for a Rhea, eating a large stack of pancakes and honey for lunch and not gaining a pound. Information above was obtained from the Goblin Slayer Fandom page.

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