Ricken Husbando

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Ricken is one of the youngest members of Chrom's Shepherds, and acts as the group's mascot. Ricken hails from a noble family like Maribelle; not much is known about them, but recent financial issues caused them to lose much of their wealth. His supports with Robin reveals that he joined the Shepherds to help restore his family's status, but he does not exactly know how to achieve such a thing just yet. He also carries a signet ring passed down to him by his parents to be given for his future wife. Humorously, it is suggested by the Future Past conversations that his efforts to grow taller succeed. If Ricken is Laurent's father, it also reveals that wind magic was his weakest elemental magic. When Maribelle was kidnapped by Gangrel, Ricken asked to join Chrom for the battle. However, Chrom asked him to stay back since he was too young. Ricken ignored the order and followed behind Chrom's army to Border Pass. When Aversa was about to kill Maribelle, Ricken stepped in, casted a Wind spell and rescued her. Ricken then went on to protect Maribelle until they could reunite with Chrom's army shortly after. Afterwards, after seeing Ricken's abilities, Chrom allowed him to join the army. After the war, Ricken realized his own childish behaviors, quickly matured and became a mage of the highest order.

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