Rika Saionji

Rika Saionji
Original Name
西園寺 リカ
Romaji Name
Saionji Rika
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
May 1st
157.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 4469
Like # 4573
Trash # 3812

Rika Saionji is the seventh witch of the first set of witches, prior to losing her powers. Rika is a fair-skinned girl with shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair that is curled at the ends, bright aquamarine-blue eyes, freckles in the middle of her face, she is slightly below average height and she is fairly busty compared to the other female characters. She is always seen wearing her school uniform that she has decorated with frills, a pair of white gloves which she wears to prevent her from inadvertently wiping memories of people, and a parasol with a spiral-shaped handle. As said by Rika herself: she doesn't wear panties at school because she doesn't wear them at home and forgot to put them on for school one day (and partially from that fact that her amnesia power will make everyone forget about seeing her anyway). Rika's personality at first makes her seem like a happy and easy-going girl who tries to amuse everyone with her quirks and perverted tendencies, though she has an aggressive side that tends to come out when she feels threatened. Later on in the story, Rika is revealed to be a broken individual from all the loneliness of being forgotten by her friends once she became the Seventh Witch. Rika is flawed, as shown with her jealousy of Haruma Yamazaki's affection toward Leona Miyamura, and her reactions that caused dire consequences toward everyone. However, when persuaded to do something righteous or being made aware of her flaws, Rika is willing to cooperate and correct her mistakes.

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