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Rikiya Yotsubashi
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Rikiya Yotsubashi), also known by his alias Re-Destro, is the President and CEO of the Detnerat Company, a lifestyle support company, and was also the Grand Commander of the modern Meta Liberation Army, which he ran in secret. He is also the son of the infamous villain Destro and the primary antagonist of the Meta Liberation Army Arc. At first, Rikiya seems like a completely normal and balanced person. He generally acts as an easygoing individual who has no problem with people making fun of him, even his employees, and genuinely believes in making a better world for people with difficult Quirks. However, this public persona is merely a façade, for he is a devout follower of his father's ideals and believes that Quirks should be celebrated rather than suppressed and controlled. Rikiya does not hesitate to kill and torture people to achieve his goals, and he does not tolerate the insult or lack of respect for either Destro or the Meta Liberation Army. When his secretary Miyashita defined Destro's book as pretentious and the Liberation Army as terrorists, he snaps his neck and kills him on the spot. However, he does seem to show some remorse by shedding genuine sad tears about the act. He also values his colleagues and was saddened by Curious' death at the hands of Himiko Toga, even crying about it. Stress: Rikiya's Quirk allows him to store up all the anger and frustration he feels and convert it into raw power. When he accesses this power, his size and strength increase significantly.

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