Riku Dola Husbando

Riku Dola
Original Name
Romaji Name
Riku Doura
Place of Origin
Human colony
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Riku Dola, being designated as “Spieler” (German for Player) by Ex-Machina, was an 18 years old Immanity who lived during the Great War on Disboard. He was one of the main protagonists in Tet's story. He encountered Schwi while going on an expedition and brought her to his colony after having lost in a game against her (albeit willingly, as he judged that winning was impossible, he changed the bets to his favor instead). Riku bears many similarities with Sora. He is tall and lean and has spiky white hair. His eyes are a lavender color and were described to "look like the abyss itself". His clothing is mostly sienna brown with a red scarf. He usually wore a dust mask and fur armor to prevent him from coming into contact and inhaling Black Ash. Ever since his home was destroyed and he took over as leader of his colony, he's had a somewhat split personality. When the figurative lock on his [heart] is locked, he appears emotionless, cold and calculating. When his heart is unlocked, the emotions he bottled up are released, often violently. As the personality developed to ensure maximum survival in the hopeless world, his cold personality is down to the point of being ruthless, as seen when he ordered 48 of his subordinates to death with a simple yet cruel command. However, his real personality is actually soft and idealistic, unwilling to see anyone die. His endeavors with Schwi have since lessened his split personality and he appears to be more open around her, showing more emotions.

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