Rin Eba

Rin Eba
Original Name
枝葉 懍
Romaji Name
Eba Rin
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
December 20th
162.00 cm
46.00 kg
Blood Type
86.00 cm
56.00 cm
87.00 cm
Popularity # 13769
Like # 15557
Trash # 7940

Rin Eba is Yuzuki Eba's younger stepsister and Itsuki's younger sister in A Town Where You Live. In the earlier parts of the manga, she has short brown hair that falls just above her shoulders, and usually wears a bored expression on her face. As the series progresses, her hair grows longer, she grows half a foot, and she begins to wear clothing that flaunts her developing curves, hips, and breasts. She has changed so much that very few people recognize her when they meet her again. At first, she is quite fond of her older brother (verging on a brother complex) and is irritated by Yuzuki, saying that she acts nice just for attention. She has also been known to tell lies in order to make Yuzuki upset. However, her relationship with her stepsister improves greatly as the series progresses. She is extremely mischievous and loves to cause trouble, with a nearly promiscuous nature in the later parts of the manga. However, although she does many of these things for her own amusement, she later becomes an important figure in helping characters realize their feelings for one another, although the methods she uses to achieve these means are questionable. She became depressed when she discovered that Haruto and Yuzuki had sex.

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