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Rinea (リネア, Rinea, Linnea in the Japanese version) is a non-playable character who appears exclusively in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.Rinea is a noblewoman from an impoverished Rigelian house and is engaged to Berkut. Even within the Empire, she is renowned for her beauty, and the one person whom Berkut trusts without reserve. Rinea met Berkut at a royal ball. Despite the lesser nature of her noble house, Berkut was charmed by her beauty and offered to dance with her, thus beginning their romance. During the events of Echoes, Rinea is first introduced when Alm's forces storm Desaix's fortress where Berkut was stationed. Rinea showed no interest in the battle as she detested violence. Berkut was content to sitting back and watching the battle unfold with her at his side.While uncomfortable around most strangers, Rinea still tries to put up a pleasant and polite front. She seems to feel a lot of pressure to be an "acceptable" fiancee to Berkut, even though she dislikes public life. She often frets a lot about her choice of words and being what is considered appropriate in her deportment. Being the daughter of a minor Rigelian noble family that is not well-off, financially or in social standing, her discomfort with court life is exacerbated. She does, however, love to dance, and also enjoys nature and being outdoors. While typically fairly soft-spoken, if Rinea has an opportunity to talk about something she likes, she will become much more animated and verbose, a trait she is rather ashamed of. The whole ordeal of war is as uncomfortable and alien to her as court life, but she sticks it out to stay by Berkut's side. He's the only person she opens up to, and conversely, Rinea is the only person Berkut opens up to.

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