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Flame Tribe Village
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February 5th
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Rinkah is a playable character in Fire Emblem Fates on the Birthright and Revelation routes. Daughter of the Flame Tribe's chieftain, Rinkah proudly upholds her tribe's traditions and refuses to conform to the rules of civility. As a result of being born as the direct descendant of the Fire Tribe's chieftain, Rinkah has thus been trained since infancy to become a warrior worthy of inheriting the title of chieftain in the future. Stalwart in her dedication to her training, Rinkah constantly strives towards bettering her combat skills, never once permitting herself to be complacent. This fact is reflected through a good number of the supports that she shares with many characters, like Silas and Hinata, where, despite her inclination to isolate herself from others, she readily accepts any challenge that is put forth to her to test her mettle. The strictness of Rinkah's training has molded her into a paragon of courage and toughness that is unrivaled by almost anyone in the army. Due to this, she thus adopts a no-nonsense policy in her regard of others, and will not hesitate to lash out at anyone for their cowardice. Her supports with Hayato reveal this, where she, in a fit of impatient rage, scolds him for attempting to throw away his vegetables because he considers them too bitter for his liking. In accordance with her clan’s law of solitude, Rinkah chooses to isolate herself from the rest of her allies, preferring to be in her own company in that of being in others. This fact is proven through a number of her supports like Takumi, Kaden and Keaton, where she expresses annoyance whenever anyone seeks to interact with her. Her C-support with Ryoma, for one, sees her responding to his call for her attention by demanding to know why her Hoshidan allies talk excessively and cannot seem to leave her in peace and quiet. However, as her support conversations progress, she begins to open up to others. In her A-Support with Jakob she admits that she has begun to enjoy interacting with other members of the army. She also explains that her tribe’s culture values a small number of intimate friendships rather than many casual relationships; something she realizes many of her new allies also value. This new understanding is reflected in other supports, as she begins to initiate conversations with fellow soldiers and even eat alongide them. Despite her bold personality, she can become quickly embarrassed while expressing sensitive emotions. During her confession to Male Corrin, she becomes so red-faced and sweaty that he worries she’s caught a fever. Rinkah has a deep love for food. She typically eats large meals, though she usually made huge messes as a result of never eating with utensils (until Oboro showed her how much more food she could eat with a fork and knife). She abhors the idea of wasting food, to the point that she claims she'll "never forgive" Hayato for throwing away his vegetables-all while eating said vegetables. As a result of her obstinate maintenance of a stoic demeanour, Rinkah is rather adamant about avoiding any action that would make her appear weak. Her supports with Kaze reveal this, where she initially rudely refuses his offer of candy for fear that her desire for treats may be interpreted as a sign of weakness. Rinkah has the highest body temperature in the army.

dark skin muscular female tomboy facial markings medium breasts multicolor hair multicolour hair muscular necklace playable playable character red eyes red hair soldier white hair kanabō mask tan skin
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