Rio Nakamura

Rio Nakamura
Original Name
中村 莉桜
Romaji Name
Nakamura Rio
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
August 24th
162.00 cm
48.00 kg
Blood Type
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Popularity # 1024
Like # 907
Trash # 2919

Rio Nakamura is a student in Korosensei's Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School. Although she was a former prodigy in elementary school, Rio felt lonely longed to be normal. When she got to middle school, she began shirking off her studies in pursuit of this goal, which eventually landed her in Class 3-E. Rio has long straight strawberry blonde hair (a darker blonde in the OVA) that is parted in the middle and worn swept behind her shoulders, and aqua blue eyes (sometimes appearing as light gray) with notably long eyelashes. The colors of her hair and eyes give her the appearance of a stereotypical Caucasian girl, even though she is Japanese, although her hair does appear to be dyed, as in a flashback she appears with a darker shade (black in the manga, dark yellow in the anime). She wears the Kunugigaoka school uniform with the assigned pale yellow sweater, rather than the gray blazer. Rio is described as the “cool and gorgeous girl” of Class 3-E. A girl whose sleaziness can put even Class E’s perverted genie Okajima to shame, she also shows the keen intellect of someone known as a former child prodigy. At the same time, she also greatly enjoys teasing others, displaying a genius-level gift for it. She has a nose for finding people to mess with. Rio is also a friendly, energetic girl and somewhat of a trickster. Her favorite victim, along with Karma, is Nagisa. She's playful, has a dirty mind, and has been noted to be rather intelligent. She claims she was originally a serious person, something that would prove to be true when she disagreed with Nagisa's proposition to save Korosensei and continue to kill him. Despite her eccentric nature, she can see the bigger picture and hides how she feels, but she cares about Class E more than anyone. She also felt responsible for the bond between the class and Koro-sensei. On one hand, she can play the role of Class 3-E's resident mischief chick. On the other hand, when the situation calls for it she can be quite straightforward. Even Terasaka started to wonder which between the two of them is the more outrageous kid in class.

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