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Rion is a supporting character in Hanyō no Yashahime’s second season. She is the only child and daughter of Kirinmaru the Beast King of the East, and the niece of Zero. Six centuries ago, she was used as leverage against her father and was killed by a vengeful half-demon named Sakasa. Rion had accompanied her father when he was fighting enemies that came to challenge him. Even though, he took her around the world like India, Great Wall of Qi in the Tang dynasty, Mount Everest in Tibet, Parthenon in Byzantine Greece and other places. On one occasion, she watched as Tōga the Beast King of the West defeated her father by cutting his horn and right arm in one fell swoop. This made her at a young age to see the ugliness of fighting. Tōga, not wanting to kill her father in front of her decided to spare her father and warn him to "never bring a child in the battlefield." After the battle, they returned to the ship as Zero was surprised that she was scared. She had a first met with his father's first incarnation Riku. Not too long after, Rion and Zero accompanied Kirinmaru as he slaughtered an entire kingdom as the samurai tried to kill him by the orders of Emperor Daigo. Rion was hiding behind Zero and clutching her robes when a vengeful Sakasa, bent on avenging his master's death grabbed her and held his sword to her. Kirinmaru effortlessly decapitated Sakasa, but Sakasa was a half-demon, who could still control his headless body and his head has his body stab Rion through the chest, killing her. Unable to accept his loss, Kirinmaru bound his late daughter to a doll made out of her bones and grave soil and sealed her inside Mount Musubi to keep her from passing on. For the next six centuries, she had been secretly placed in a deep sleep on the shielded demon mountain Musubi at the behest of her own father. Her father forged a connection using the Dream Butterfly to communicate with her. Once finally awakening, she befriends the Half-Demon Princesses and gifts Towa with her mystical flute Hoshikiri no Fue- by willingly presenting the half-cousins with a mystical demonic Kyūyōkon Root that she had held in her possession for many, many years after she dismantle the barrier. She asks the girls to put a stop to his plan to alter time. But a demon spirit beast have come, so she told Towa to play the Star-Slicer Flute, and it turned into a fully demonic-empowered weapon- the sword Zanseiken. She saw that Towa used her Sōtō no Sōryūha to defeat it and it was amazing, but she was surprised that Setsuna was killed before by her father at the ruin of Izayoi's mansion. After that, she left the mountain with them as she rode on Towa, until she had a first met with Towa and Setsuna's father Sesshōmaru and his vassal Jaken. She was surprised to see the Dream Butterfly out of Setsuna, then he uses the Tenseiga to cut it to make her choice. She and the others learned from Jaken that the Dream Butterfly possessed Setsuna was delivering sleep and dreams to Towa's and Setsuna's mother Rin, to kept her alive by holding the silver-scale curse in check (in which that the curse has placed by her aunt Zero). Sesshōmaru tells Setsuna that if he cut it down, Setsuna will sleeps again, but also Rin will covered by silver-scale curse and soon dies, which makes her mouth open wide and Towa surpised. Setsuna said "My mother... I want to save her." So Sesshōmaru cut Dream Butterfly and tells her that it's up to her, and they leaves. Then as they head back to Kaede's village, but Towa stopped as she saw Riku on the mountain corpses of oni, Rion saw Riku too.

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