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Ripple, also known by her real name Kano Sazanami, is one of the main protagonists of Magical Girl Raising Project, Magical Girl Raising Project: Limited,Magical Girl Raising Project: ACES, Magical Girl Raising Project: White, and Magical Girl Raising Project: Red. She also makes an appearance in Magical Girl Raising Project: JOKERS. She is a high school student that lives alone. After becoming a Magical Girl, she works alongside her mentor Top Speed. As a human, Kano has long, black hair with bangs and brown eyes. She wears a black school blazer over a white button up, and a black bow tied underneath her collar. Her shirt is untucked, covering most of her light gray skirt. She wears black leggings underneath her skirt and school loafers. As a Magical Girl, Ripple has long, dark brown hair that is pulled into a ponytail by a silver shuriken-like clip. She has reddish-brown eyes and small, shuriken-shaped earrings. Her outfit is very ninja-like and includes a long, red scarf. The outfit has a black top and fishnet-like upper sleeves with decorations. The bottom of her sleeves widen toward her hands. In the anime, she started using Top Speed's cloak after her death. During the events of the Unmarked, Ripple lost her left eye and arm. As a result, she now has a large scar over on the left side of her face and keeps her left eye closed at all times. Her outfit still remains the same though, due to the rules of becoming a Magical Girl. Ripple is always annoyed about her family issues and she hates it when her classmates know of her mother divorcing and marrying a lot of men. She is also really aggressive to those who annoy her, even those who are her family members. Because of her aggressive personality, Ripple is prone to getting into fights with others. This causes other people to think of her as a delinquent. While fighting, she is very reckless, charging in headfirst without any form of plan. Also, the first time she became a Magical Girl, she became slightly arrogant, believing nothing could hurt her. Ripple initially didn't take helping people as a Magical Girl seriously, not considering herself much of a Magical Girl. However, this view began to change after Snow White appeared and helped a huge amount of people. Despite her aggressive personality and lack of care about helping others, Ripple does care for others. This was shown when she attacked Calamity Mary when the latter attacked the national highway. She also cares about Top Speed, considering her to be her only friend, but is too proud to admit it. Deep down, Ripple also has a somewhat childish side, as shown when she made her Magical Girl character a ninja because she thought it looked "cool". However, she doesn't want anyone to know about this side of her and skillfully hides it. Following the events of Unmarked (Arc 1), Ripple has calmed down a lot and, while she is still not quite a sociable person, she has become more open and willing to talk to others. She considers her former self to have been foolish. She may also not have wanted her left eye and arm restored so they could serve as a reminder of her mistakes. After her selection exam, Ripple initially wanted to stop fighting and help people as Snow White does. However, she ultimately returned to fighting in order to protect Snow White. In combat, Ripple has become a lot more thoughtful and less reckless. She now prefers to study the enemy beforehand to avoid any surprises. She even prefers not to fight and look for a peaceful solution if possible. Ripple has also shown to be willing to resort to several underhanded tactics. However, she ultimately decided against using them, believing it is not what Snow White would have done. After the events of Limited, Pythie used Pukin's sword to brainwash Ripple and erase her memories. As a result, she became absolutely loyal to her, letting Pythie make all her decisions for her. The brainwash is lifted after the events of ACES. Ripple now seems to have fallen into a state of self-hatred because of the crimes that she committed while under the brainwashing. While extremely angry towards Pythie, after allying with 0 Lulu, Ripple begins to allow herself to open up more once again.

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