Rishia Ivyred

Rishia Ivyred
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Rishia Aivireddo
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Rishia Ivyred is the Projectile Hero, one of the Seven Star Heroes and the companion of the Bow Hero. She comes from a fallen noble family and was previously one of the Shield Hero's slaves. She is currently a resident of Rock Valley, serving as an instructor of the Hengen Muso style and helps the Legendary Heroes with their duties. Rishia is a young girl with long, green hair, green eyes, and a rather petite figure. Her hair is tied into two braids with ribbons. In the Light Novel, she often wears green clothes and a brown vest over a beige dress, brown arm guards, and boots. She also wears what appears to be a green cape with gold trim and red jewel button. When she was in Itsuki's party, she often had simple armor covering her chest and shoulders. She would also sometimes wear an animal costume (first a squirrel, then a penguin, and currently a filolial) due to her shyness. Rishia is shy, but extremely devoted and will go to extreme lengths to be useful to the object of her devotion. After Itsuki casts her out of his party for an act she did not commit, she is devastated. She weeps, and believing that she was nothing but a burden to Itsuki, runs into the sea in hope of dying. Even after being saved and recruited into the party by Naofumi and Filo, Rishia's admiration for the Bow Hero doesn't waver, and she hopes to continue growing stronger so she can be of help to Itsuki in the future. Despite her clumsy demeanor, Rishia has proven to be a worthy addition to Naofumi's party. She was the one who helped Naofumi turn the tides against the heroes from the other world with the smart deployment of a barrel of Lucor Fruit (which renders people unconscious or weakened, with the exception of Naofumi due to his high resistance), and in their fight against Kyo. She is also an adept magic-user, able to utilize all kinds of magic at a general level. Later on, she is able to become extremely bold when facing great odds, confidently speaking what's on her mind and refusing to hold back on what she believes. She shows this side when fighting Kyo and Itsuki for their respective injustices and cruel actions. However, after those kinds of battles, she would revert back to her shy and clumsy self.

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