Riveria Ljos Alf

Riveria Ljos Alf
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Riveria is a member of the Elven royal family and the vice-captain of the Loki Familia. Riveria is a tall Elven beauty with sparkling emerald-colored hair reaching to the waist and tied in a tail. She has a pair of sharp pointy ears and a pair of clear jade colored eyes. Riveria wears a white cloak on top of a green and yellow military coat with a black belt around her waist. She also wears dark colored stockings below long black boots. Riveria has a serious personality. She is one of the only people that didn't laugh at Bell and condemned the others for laughing at him. She is also a strict mentor to the lower leveled members of her familia, training Lefiya in her studies as a mage and Ais when she was a child. She is calm and collected during the heat of battle, dealing with unexpected events in a leader-like fashion, as shown in the event of the Loki Familia being attacked by large numbers of Virga on the 50th floor. Despite this, Riveria is kind to others, especially to her fellow Loki Familia members, earning her the nickname of mama from Loki.

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