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Robin (Daraen in the Non-English European versions) is a character in Fire Emblem Awakening and one of three main protagonists of the game, serving as the deuteragonist. As an Avatar, their name and appearance are customizable by the player. Robin's history is shrouded in mystery, making them the greatest enigma of the Shepherds. Despite this, Robin's skill in war tactics is unparalleled, allowing them to guide Chrom's army to victory over opposing forces greater in number and possibly even experience. They are highly ingenious, creating strategies on the fly and even whipping up "crazy" plans or new war tactics out of pure inspiration. Because of their strategic mindset, Robin is highly perceptive to the others' feelings, and can figure out the source of most people's inner turmoils in a matter of a few important conversations. Tiki notes that Robin is surprisingly similar to Marth, due to their charismatic nature and ability to befriend everyone they meet. Robin is an avid reader of books. They have a penchant for history, but they're also a fan of reading novels as well. While friendly, they have a tendency of getting exasperated over the antics of some of the more colorful cast members. They generally care about the well being of everyone in army, and not just Chrom. For instance, Male Robin is deeply concerned about Basilio's well being when the latter admits to venturing outside of the castle walls alone. Though modest to a fault, they are somewhat prideful of their tactical abilities. When Virion repeatedly bests them in a strategy board game, Robin is absolutely dejected and then suggests that Virion should be the one to lead the army. They firmly believe in the concept of forming bonds within the army, believing that these bonds make them stronger than if they were to fight separately. Outside of battle though, Robin is actually very self-conscious: They often feel insecure about their cooking skills, some of the romances have them feel inadequate compared to other love interests, and even in Paralogue 22, after having guided the Shepherds through countless battles, they still reflect on whether they belong with Chrom and his fellow Shepherds. When it is later revealed that Robin was born with the intention of becoming the vessel for Grima himself, they become incredibly conflicted and lost, wondering if they are to be trusted any more. However, through the bonds they forged with Chrom and the Shepherds helps them realize that they are not controlled by that destiny, thus allowing them to avert the tragic fate of the world. Other parts of their personality though are dependent on the player: They can either be incredibly self-sacrificing or someone who strives to stay alive for others' sakes depending on choices at key points in the story.

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