Robyn Hill

Robyn Hill
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Robyn Hill is a Mantle politician, Atlas Academy graduate and leader of the Happy Huntresses. She was first seen on political advertisements in "The Greatest Kingdom" and debuted in "Sparks" Robyn has a direct and confident personality, having no trouble being confrontational with Atlas personnel, including the Ace Operatives. Despite this however, Robyn has shown she tries to be reasonable about things. She tries to negotiate and get the truth from Clover Ebi before the raid on the trucks she was planning. She is also shown telling the Happy Huntresses at her celebration that if she won the election they would need to learn to get along with James Ironwood and Atlas. She is willing to listen to what others have to say and given her Semblance's ability to tell if somebody is lying, she's aware of the need to give people the chance to explain themselves. Above all, Robyn is extremely dedicated to Mantle and its people and is a true good natured idealist, wanting to genuinely help the people of Mantle simply because she truly wants to give everyone there a fair shot at a good life. To that end, she is willing to use both legal and illegal means to accomplish this goal.

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