Rojiya Yonenaga Husbando

Rojiya Yonenaga
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Rojiya Yonenaga was a Yakuza member affiliated with the Abegawa Tenchu Kai. He is a tall man with a good physical bearing, he has a large scar on his left eyebrow. His dress consists of basic social clothing, a white suit with a blue blouse underneath, and an overcoat over his shoulders. Much of Rojiya's personality is unknown, except for being a serious and composed man. He is also known for never showing signs of drunkenness and for his peculiar habit of collecting manhole covers, which he uses in combat. Unnamed Strength Enhancement Quirk: Rojiya's Quirk granted him greatly enhanced physical strength. Notably, he was able to throw a manhole cover with great force and speed, effectively making it a flying guillotine. When this Quirk was active, his right arm glowed and sparks emitted from it.

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