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Romina is a Blacksmith from Glass' World and Kizuna's party's favorite blacksmith. Romina is a muscular and masculine woman with a red gemstone on her chest. Romina reminded Naofumi of Erhard from his summoned world. She is cheerful and quick to laugh but can get serious when the situation calls for it. She talks frankly and can read people fairly well. While Romina loves her profession and welcomes new challenges, she is willing to throw out any customers that annoy her. She is proud of her work as a blacksmith Romina has not been seen in battle. However, Romina's skill as a blacksmith puts her near the top in her world. She can work with a wide variety of equipment and materials. She is even able to work with the difficult materials from the Guardian Beasts which only a few blacksmiths are permitted to do. Naofumi considers her skill to be greater than Erhard before he started to finish his training but not as skilled as Erhard's Master. Romina has been Kizuna's blacksmith since near the beginning of Kizuna's time as a hero and since then, she has been working almost exclusively for Glass, Kizuna and L'Arc. It is thanks to her that the three heroes have the guardian beast weapons which they prefer to use.

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