Rose Oriana

Rose Oriana
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Rōzu Oriana
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Rose Oriana is the former student council president of Midgar Royal Spellsword Academy, where she was Cid's upperclassman, as well as the princess of Oriana Kingdom. After being a victim of a plot by the Cult of Diablos, however, she joins Shadow Garden under the codename No. 666 and is later made her country's new queen following the "Black Rose Incident". Rose is a beautiful young woman with an athletic figure and a noticeable bosom, with bright honey-yellow eyes that match her long honey-blonde hair, with short bangs over her forehead and curls going down into spirals. After becoming the new queen of the Oriana Kingdom, Rose cut her hair to shoulder length (After she joined Shadow Garden in the anime). In terms of attire, Rose often wore her school uniform with her black stockings during her time at the Spellsword Academy. She also wore the school's sports uniform during practice and tournament events. As a civilian, Rose would wear something fashionable typical for a teenage young lady of her status. After becoming a member of Shadow Garden, Rose started wearing the organization's standard Slime Bodysuit. She was quite skilled at manipulating it with her magic, capable of altering its shape and color to give it the appearance of a wedding dress. However, following her ascension to queen, Rose returned to dressing in ornate robes befitting her new station. Rose is depicted as an exceedingly kind, cool, strong, selfless, charismatic, and pure-hearted girl. Possessing a highly trusting personality, she readily places her trust in others, with the concept of deceit or lies absent from her understanding. These qualities align well with her royal lineage and dedication to serving with the purest of motivations, holding the distinguished title of Dark Knight. Demonstrating a robust sense of honor, Rose is willing to defend those who cannot protect themselves and holds admiration for individuals with unwavering determination. Despite being born into the highest echelons of society as a princess, she harbors no disregard or discrimination towards commoners. In her youth, she even clandestinely engaged with commoner children, concealing her true identity. Rose consistently exhibits respectful and considerate behavior towards everyone, exemplified when she grew to respect Cid for his resilience in their duel, despite repeated setbacks and significant injuries. Her admiration for Cid deepened when he risked his life to rescue her from terrorists attacking the school, leading to the development of romantic feelings for him. After her rescue from the Stylish Bandit Slayer and seeing his beautiful swordplay, Rose views swordsmanship as more of an art form with wondrous potential than a hobby, with her most noteworthy trait being that she is very passionate about it. It's because of such passion that she pushed herself to excel in her tasks, but the same passion can lead her to make drastic decisions, such as after killing her father. Yet she does have the ability to grow, as after she learned the truth about her mother's relationship with Perv Asshat, and motivated by Cid leaving her a wedding ring, she resolved herself to fight the Cult of Diablos and stop the Black Rose in order to save Oriana Kingdom. That resolve allowed her to take up the throne and lead as the next Queen of Oriana. Rose shows emotional attachment to gifts she receives from her loved ones. When she joined Shadow Garden, Rose was really hurt when told to discard and forget everything, especially when Lambda destroyed the patty wrapper that Cid had given her, which left her heartbroken. Upon becoming the new ruler of the Oriana Kingdom, she cuts off her hair to shoulder-length to show her resolve to become a ruler strong enough to defend her homeland from the Cult of Diablos. While the told of rulership was great, Rose's steadfast love for Cid keeps her resolve absolute as she rebuilds Oriana Kingdom and coordinates with Shadow Garden in the proxy-war against the Cult.

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